Wiregrass Construction recently completed the Statarius LeaderStep 7, a 9-month program to cultivate effective leaders. Our participants included individuals from various departments such as operations, personnel, accounting, estimating, and safety. These areas are the foundation of our organization, and this program provided our team with the tools and strategies to enhance their leadership skills and support the teams they manage.

At Wiregrass Construction, we prioritize investing in our people and unlocking their potential. The LeaderStep 7 program explores critical aspects of leadership, such as strengths, mindsets, emotional intelligence, coaching, and team building. Our team developed essential thinking abilities throughout the program and applied their new leadership skills to make informed decisions. They also had the opportunity to connect with colleagues from different departments, drawing insights from their collective experiences.

By strengthening our leadership skills, we can cultivate stronger and more meaningful relationships with our employees and propel the growth and success of our organization. We understand that our employees are the backbone of our achievements, and we remain committed to providing ongoing professional development opportunities for all team members. These opportunities are what make Wiregrass Construction the exceptional company it is today.