Field Service Technician


Huntsville, AL

We are seeking a skilled and experienced Field Mechanic/Service Technician to join our company. Wiregrass Construction is committed to taking care of our employees and offers excellent compensation and low-cost benefits, with our health insurance costing as low as $18 per week for a single employee. If you’re interested in joining an established and growing company with opportunities for career advancement, we encourage you to apply and grow with us!

As a Field Service Technician, you will play a crucial role in the maintenance and repair of a variety of equipment and vehicles, ensuring their safe and efficient operation. Your expertise in the repair and maintenance of construction and asphalt equipment, coupled with your ability to service vehicles and motorized equipment in the field, will contribute to the overall success of our paving projects.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Perform maintenance, inspections, and repairs: Carry out routine maintenance tasks, inspections, and repairs on various types of paving and construction equipment, such as asphalt pavers, rollers, compactors, milling machines, loaders, and excavators. Diagnose and repair mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic issues to ensure equipment operates at peak performance.
  • Diagnose and resolve equipment malfunctions: Utilize diagnostic tools, equipment, and technical knowledge to identify and resolve equipment malfunctions. Conduct thorough inspections, tests, and analyses to determine the root cause of equipment issues. Develop effective repair strategies and promptly execute necessary repairs. Utilize various welding techniques (e.g., MIG, TIG, ARC) to weld and fabricate metal parts and components.
  • Implement preventive maintenance schedules: Develop and implement preventive maintenance schedules and programs for paving and construction equipment. Perform regular inspections, lubrication, filter changes, belt replacements, fluid level checks, and other maintenance tasks based on manufacturer guidelines. Aim to prevent breakdowns and extend equipment lifespan. Select proper welding equipment, tools, and materials for each task, ensuring compliance with safety and quality standards.
  • Respond to equipment breakdowns: Respond quickly to equipment breakdowns and perform emergency repairs on-site or in the field to minimize downtime. Diagnose and troubleshoot equipment failures, providing immediate repairs or temporary fixes to ensure project continuity.
  • Maintain inventory and records: Keep an organized inventory of spare parts, tools, and consumables needed for equipment repairs. Monitor inventory levels, order parts as required, and coordinate with suppliers for timely delivery. Maintain detailed records of equipment maintenance, repairs performed, and service history. Generate reports on equipment status, maintenance activities, and repair work. Provide comprehensive documentation to supervisors, clients, or management as necessary.
  • Adhere to safety regulations: Adhere to safety regulations and protocols while performing maintenance and repair tasks. Conduct regular safety inspections on equipment, ensuring compliance with occupational health and safety guidelines. Promote a safe working environment for oneself and others.
  • Customer interaction and support: Interact professionally and courteously with customers. Communicate effectively to understand equipment issues, explain repair procedures, and provide updates on repairs. Offer technical support, advice, and recommendations to customers, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Training and collaboration: Provide guidance and training to equipment operators and other team members regarding proper equipment operation, maintenance procedures, and safety practices. Collaborate with colleagues to improve equipment performance, troubleshoot complex issues, and share knowledge.


  • Previous experience as a field service technician or mechanic, preferably in the paving or construction/heavy equipment industry.
  • Strong mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic knowledge and troubleshooting skills.
  • Proficiency in diagnostic tools, equipment, and software used for equipment diagnostics and repairs.
  • Familiarity with preventive maintenance practices and ability to follow manufacturer guidelines.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines.
  • Strong attention to detail and organizational skills for maintaining accurate records.
  • Physical strength and dexterity to work with heavy equipment and materials.
  • Effective communication skills and ability to work collaboratively with team members and supervisors.
  • Adherence to safety regulations and the ability to work in demanding conditions.
  • Welding certification(s) preferred.
  • Valid driver’s license.


The posted salary or pay compensation ranges are approximate and dependent on applicable experience and qualifications. Upper ranges are flexible.

EEO: Wiregrass Construction is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We will not discriminate based on creed/national origin/religion/color/sex/age/wage and status as individual with a disability or protected veteran.